How to outshine during the interview?

Are you looking for ways to improve your chances of getting the job you want? Well, if so, you’re not alone. Every job seeker wants to stand out from the rest and show that they’re the best candidate for the position. But how can you do that? Keep reading to find out!

  • Go to prepared (learn more about the company and role)
  • Sell yourself (show your knowledge through preparation and answer some questions at the end)- Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback if the employer isn’t satisfied (this will show your willingness to improve and that you care deeply about the position)
  • Be confident and enthusiastic (employers will be impressed by this and will hire you more easily if you’re enthusiastic and not shy)
  • Don’t say you want the job “because it’s a job”. Highlight the reasons you are interested and how it will help your career and personal development
  • Go in with an open mind (don’t assume things about the company or the role)
  • Ask the interviewers questions at the end (this shows that you are interested in the position and also helps you get a feel for the company)
  • If you want to get hired, highlight your positive attributes, show enthusiasm, and be yourself!